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Sunday, 16 August 2015

"No More Maakika Art?"

I have been asked why no more Maakika Art?

There are still many images in my head and every-so-often they burst forth and I have to push them back into the recesses of my mind.

I tried postcards of the art as well as A4 prints and the result was not the slightest bit of interest and not a single item sold. If you are an artist then you will know that there are good days (relatively speaking) and bad days.  What gets you through those bad days is knowing that you can do more work and people are interested.  Also, selling art helps because, yes, even artists have to eat and I'm getting no younger.

Two people have commented positively on the art on this blog.  That's it.  I just assume that this work is so vastly uninteresting to anyone and to comment might only encourage me!

I am pleased to see that there are high and regular views from France.  Well, the French know good art when they see it but as no one from France has commented I assume Maakika is NOT good art!

I have a 7cms high stack of prints and the cards I had printed I gave to someone to give away.  No idea whether he did or not.

Eventually, I hope to do some more Maakika art and if there is still interest in this blog, post it here but for now I leave things as they are.

Artists rarely make a living from their work so I never expected fame and fortune!  But please do check out the work here and if you like it...comment?

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