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Monday, 13 October 2014

Bullet Bitten: It's Done And Dusted -The Maakika Art Book!

Terry Hooper-Scharf
Black & White
32 pages  
Price: £10.00
The unique Maakika Art style of Terry Hooper-Scharf has raised more than a few eye-brows and is a complete change from his work as one of the UKs top graphic novel illustrators. Pages are to be displayed at the Alternative Press Pop Up! Gallery in London and also displayed this November in Bristol.
Yes, I've been working on this for a while but finally put it all together starting at 0800 hrs this morning -it's now 17.15hrs.  There's commitment to work!

Copies will be on sale, along with prints and some postcards at the BCP Book Fair & Comic Expo in Bristol this November.

A Maakika Book?

Well, it has been mooted.  If the book does go ahead it will consist only of the work currently completed so nothing hefty -which for a book by me is a novelty!

I'll keep you all up-dated.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

A Maakika Work In Progress

Not much to get excited about but I was asked why I never took "work in progress" photos.  Well, because I'm working on the pieces!

That said, I was looking at old photos and found this Maakika work-in-progress.  Not much but you get your wish!

Alternative Press Pop Up Gallery Show!

Dimitri Pieri contacted me about the "Pop Up!" event he was staging.  If you go to any of the art trail events in Bristol (I'm sure they have them in other cities and towns!) you visit a number of houses open to the public to look at the householders  work -paintings, sketches, sculpts, ceramics -whatever.
A while back I kidded with Paul (Anon/Browner Knowle) Brown that I might open up my house to show art off -I said he should, too.  Yeah, right, we would do that!  Anyway, I then get the email from Dimitri who is not just opening up his home to show off his work but that of others, too -a  pop up gallery and I hope it works out great for him!
So, you want to see work by Mr Brown and some of my Maakika art as well as stuff from other creators....


Alternative Press are popping up in Greenwich with a DIY Art Show, Zine Outlet, and workshops from 24th – 26th October 2014 
@ 139 Greenwich South Street, SE10 8NX.
The show will be an open access exhibition which anyone can apply to take part in, and will feature some of our friends from self-publishing, comix, zines, and DIY. 
Everything will kick off with a very accessible PUBLIC VIEW Friday 24th October 6pm – 11pm, with acoustic open mic from 9pm. 
Bring your own drinks.
Over the weekend the space will be an outlet and creative hub for all things self published. Come and buy, swap, sell, and read a whole host of small press publications, participate in workshops and watch some awesome DIY films.
Keep your eyes peeled for details of exhibitors, workshops and screenings, coming soon!
Artists check out here for our call for submissions! Zinesters stop here!

Love all round!