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Monday, 11 July 2016

Apparently Owls Do NOT Teleport!

Trying to finish some art pages and two images will NOT go away. No idea what they are or why the titles but drawn and out the way and...back to work.

In the upper left hand corner of the first image I put a silhouette of a church. It was not in the image in my mind but I thought it would look good. No. Removed it and...done.

Owls Do NOT Teleport

Sigma 351


  1. Wow. What is it ? An owl from the twilight zone ? The top negative illo is creepy but still has a jokey element with the straight lines... put in the feathering/hair in the bottom illo - plus the mystery glyphs and.. well.. thank you for giving me a nightmare tonight ! Still waiting for the letter, still struggling with paypal. Nice to see you doing some cool work.

  2. Everything I do is cool. I am the UKs creator and greatest exponent of Negative Art. But unlike Dali I am not mad. Only a bit to the left.

  3. you should change the way you put your shorts on

  4. You've seen my surreal video short -"Artistic Genius -How To Put On Underpants"? It has my shopping list read as poetry.