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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Creeper

Another piece.  This time The Creeper.  You know when you think you've heard something outside but put it down to imagination?

Maybe it isn't imagination after all....

(c)2016 Terry Hooper Scharf


  1. it's not imagination... I've seen this guy... Very cool negative art there, Terry. I especially like the mysterious glyphs on the plant pot... what pen are you using for this ? It looks like a brush pen

  2. Hah! Pencils but then the fine Berol pen to go over that (figure only as everything else was made up straight away with pen and ink (and brush after) then solid blacks using brish and inks. The glyph was just me getting rid of excess ink on the brush! But as you really wanted to write "Strokes of pure genius unrivalled in the world of art!" :-)

  3. Nice. I like Herne and the Homnid, too.... maybe just the Homnid a bit better, as it's almost full form. This might be an interesting style to do a one or two page internet strip with. I wonder what it would look like ?

  4. I did reply via the email but....Ahh. At the moment I'm trying to get back into drawing which is why I did those three. Hands painful, numb and there are strips need doing BEFORE Green Skies. IF I do anything after Green Skies it'll be a miracle. So many books in the online store and trade isn't encouraging speedy work. never know.

  5. sorry about the hands. do what you can. sorry, also i'm off most media - this is a temporary aberration I think