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Sunday, 26 June 2016

It's Weird But.....

I keep getting asked "Why no more Maakika art?" or "Why no up-dates?"

There have been 3,305 visitors to this blog (and some have tried to steal the style but there is only ONE Maakika artist) and yet not one Maakika book sold.  No comments.  No interest when I offered prints for sale.

And yet THOSE questions?

The reason I'm commenting here is pure and simple.  I need to eat and pay bills and my books and art are all I have. The online store will remain but, I have to be honest here, this blog and others probably will just rot on the internet because I do not -absolutely DO NOT- make enough to pay bills and internet is not cheap.

Anyway, I thought that the All Time views of this blog were interesting so here are the countries in order -and please consider supporting a struggling artist!

United States
United Kingdom

Maakika Art and its Origins

Whenever I try to explain to someone the origins of The Maakika I get odd looks. I have no idea why, unless the people I'm explaining this to have no artistic minds and have never known a fevered mind!

However, the story I told on the original Maakika Art site in 2008 is factual. These pieces have been called some of the best work I've done -my comic work getting swiftly dismissed! I'm also told, though I never saw it that way myself until I went through all the pieces again, that the pieces seem to form a type of mythology or at least hint at one.  I'll let YOU decide.

The Origins
"What is Maakika Art?"  I get asked that a great deal and to be honest it is a very brief story!

In 2006 I had a serious respiratory infection.  It came and went but,in 2007,it came back with a vengeance over several months and with complications I thought it would see me shift this mortal coil -and I am NOT joking!

Around May, 2007, it got really bad.  Then, suddenly,pouring with sweat, while seated on a bus, my mind started getting a rush of images -maybe 50-60.  I got home exhausted but I sat down and began to draw.  Honestly, at 50 years of age I had drawn many things but these new images were so out of my usual frame of image reference that I was stumped.

I drew a few, sat back and thought "What the bloody hell have I drawn?!" Almost instantly the word "Maakika" [pronounced "Mah-kee-kah"] came into my head.  At the same time I got the definition "solid black and white art under guidance from the Maakika".  Ahh, a fevered mind -and no drugs involved!

I've searched the word on the internet, in books and anywhere else I can but it seems not to exist. I cannot find anything similar.

And with each came a title or description.

So,a divine gift from the Maakika pantheon seems credible!
And lucky.
The original images are all 21x29cms and though I've not parted with the first "inspired" drawings which look crude to my eye, several were sold for between £150-£300 each.

I still have the original images in my mind [they won't shift!] but I've been inspired to work on larger images [60x42cms]. 

So,if you have any questions or comments get in touch! The best email address to use is:

And remember:only one person does Maakika art -me (and I have absolutely no idea what's coming next!)

The Maakika Art


Maakika Band -The Makinii

The Maakika hatchlings played under the watchful Mother Tree Timipu

Kathassi knew the time was coming

 Tinikia knew that the egg was special

The Divine Beholder

Falaasoo the Radical

Idembo The World Shaker was angry

Mabwaanaa shouldered the burden
The Waltz Was Sweet -The Makini

The Rebel

Mkeeni Danced In The Lightning

The Lizard And The Fox Watched Tikipii Dance

 Maapulu The Moon Went For A Walk With Tiiki The Wandering Star
It Was The Last Thing Uutu Expected

Umbutu Danced For The Moon

Miipi Wondered What It Was? It Was Takas' Tail.

Bratutu Danced Beneath The Rani Tree

Banitaa Weighed Up The Choices
For Maakasuu Time Was Running Out
Saami Guided The Makini

Maapu Sat Thirsty At The Water Hole!

Kefuu Knew Other Things Lived There

 Kamibbeewaa stared at Unnunko the bound

ALL ARTWORK IS (C) 2014 Terry Hooper-Scharf

Still Available -Maakika Art Book


Hi All!
Please do not forget that the Maakika Art Book is only at its current price until December. After that the cover price increases along with all my other books.