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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Maakika Blog Will Be Closing

The Post title is no joke.  Although I hope (health willing) to do more Maakika art in future I am sorry to say that they will probably just be "private".

The reason is simple really.  Although a lot of people visit this site -as seems common these days- there seems to be no inclination to offer feed-back.  Do you HATE the art?  Do you Love the art? Are you indifferent to it?  Really, the feed-back is what helps any artist understand what people think of his/her work.

And I had hoped that, perhaps, one or two copies of the Maakika Art book might have sold. None have. Which I think is disappointing but that's out of my hands.

In 2016 I am making a lot of changes in my life and that includes deleting certain blogs or, at least, leaving them without any further up-dating.  Comments or sales of the book might show there is interest but I am under no illusions that there is any.  So why carry on with a blog?

Anyway, if I decide to close the blog I will announce this on 1st January, 2015 though I really want to do that now but...."give it a fair chance" they say!


  1. I love the art. Don't be depressed. Sometimes the reason we don't respond is because we communicate better through music and art. Very interesting work. Love black and white art, always have, simple and elegant, powerful.

  2. Hi, whitedragon6400. Sadly, bills and food require money and I've tried like crazy to make some from art but it just does not work. The UK is the wrong country to be in. I do appreciate your comments, though! THANKS.