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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Some More NOT Maakika Art!

I sat down this morning trying to clear my head and get my eyes in focus.  I had work to do on a graphic novel.  Page after page was thrown out because I kept seeing patterns in my head.

I present to you what I can only assume is my subconscious trying to tell me I am "not right in the head"!  All free hand -ink to A3 size paper.

Even I had no idea what was going where.  "If I take the line this way---"  No! It goes that way. I give in.

The titles come from a little man in my ear!

Seriously, I have even more in my head but I am having to physically STOP myself!

And before you ask, yes, the original A3 pages WOULD really screw up your eyes....and mind?

 Can You See It Yet?

The Centre Point Is Not Always At The Centre.
It's All In The Mind -What Do YOU See?